Modernizing your Applications and scaling Transformation

Microsoft Azure/ Amazon Web Services (AWS) based application modernization

This 1:1 workshop is for organizations that have core business applications that are expensive to maintain and difficult to scale.

Using PAAS (platform-as-a-service) services by Azure and AWS you can modernize your application and take it to the cloud without compromising on security, time and budget.

This workshop will allow you to:

  • Review the technology limitations of your current system
  • Choose the right platform between Azure or AWS for your application modernization
  • Gain insights into business value justification and ROI calculator for PAAS
  • Outline architecture skeleton for application modernization
  • Define your product and system integration requirements


Financial: PAAS cloud allows you to test new solutions and their impact. You can choose to scale in areas that provide the best business outcomes, and capitalize on the financial benefit of a tested POC. 

Security: Azure and AWS both come with solid security. Users can easily access all of their platforms and reduce hacking by enabling controls, such as location and device-specificity.

Scale and Support: Using Azure or AWS will allow you to scale your application once you have business and user buy-in. Custom support will always be available to you for these platforms.

Digital Transformation: Companies that are modernization their applications can use it as a catalyst for transitioning their organizations into the digital world and allow for new product ideas and business streams to come up.

Integration: Implementing a solution on PAAS cloud will allow you to create an ecosystem of integrated applications for faster information sharing, collaboration and increased efficiency.


Workshop Format

  • Material and discussions are intended for technical and business leaders
  • Length is typically 1.5- 2.5 days 
  • Location is on site at the client's facility or over webex
  • Funding available for qualified clients