Continuous Delivery at the Speed of Innovation

TechBlocks DevOps+ is a 24x7 dedicated team available for hire


DevOps is an agile relationship between Development and IT Operations with a goal of better communication and collaboration between these two business units. As organizations evolve from mammoth project based system implementations to leaner and intuitive IT systems, DevOps is crucial in bringing business, development and operations together to streamline their IT delivery and scale effectively.

UNDERSTAND the KEY benefits:


  • Improved Flow: Companies need teams that not only create, test, and produce tech quickly, but can also use feedback to perform their best. These teams should produce quality code, deploy the services, and then earnestly look at responses from internal and customer users.


  • Elimination of Silos: DevOps remove the barriers between operations, development, and testing teams. Instead of a linear path where an application went from group to group without any outside input, DevOps encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing in every step of the way.


  • Optimal Customer Experiences Through Agility: Catering to the customer experience is possible by adopting agility – a focus on adjusting quickly to new conditions. Within an agile environment, updates can be completely quickly, and IT can become a strategic partner in customer satisfaction and revenue growth, instead of just another cost center


  • Efficiency: Instead of teams competing against each other in a process that is rife with conflict and blaming, DevOps moves certain aspects of an application’s journey out into the open, which highlights the need for specialized teams and workers, and can serve as a teambuilder where everyone’s work and contributions are known and valued.